Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ok so here we go, I know, I know you have heard it all before but sorry.  I promise I will be better and blog on a regular basis.  Promise.....

Here is the thing, it has been a rough 18+months and well at times it has been hard to get up and adult let alone blog something any of you might be interested in and I come from the generation where you don't whine, show weakness or air your issues/struggles.  So I will give you a quick Coles notes:

2016 - had minor surgery and then dislocated shoulder.  Did fort Langley gran fondo and Lambchops lackies completed the long course triathlon i penticton.  The same race that my Joe and my brother-in-law Jim both competed and qualified for Worlds long course tri in penticton this year.  Joe will be racing for Canada and Jimfor Ireland.  Me I will be leading the team Smyth cheer team!!!!

Among other personal struggles and that I am not willing to publicize (refer to 2nd paragraph) our amazing dog Blue was killed the night before the race in Penticton.  We talked and decided to dedicate our race to him because he loved to run and it seemed fitting.

In September I went back to school on the weekends and finished in February.  Working full time through out.  To get back into it, make me accountable and stop me from hiding from the world I volunteered to be a pace leader for the half marathon clinic at the denman store this past January.  I also ran the hypothermic half i February in the bloody snow-😬 This is Vancouver, it was epic and very hard but gotter done!

Just signed up for power cycling again and tricked- convinced a few other ladies to do it to.  Why should I suffer alone?!?!  I also have put a team in for Fort Langley gran fondo - team wheely fun drafters. It is mainly ladies with a few token boys.  I am excited  a few ladies I have ridden swith for years but most of the ladies on the team are pretty new to riding and this will be their first gran fondo so it should be a great adventure.  If you know any other peeps that want to do the race give them our team name we are open and accepting to all.

Wirh the snow finally gone I am back to riding back and forth to work. The exercise is the one thing I know that will get me through the hard times along with my peeps.  Oh and it looks like a new puppy will be moving in with us in June,  he/she can never replace Blue but the house and our lives are very empty without a dog.

Thanks for reading, I can't promise I will post all the time but I will try.

Peace out


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