Friday, September 5, 2014

I am not amazing

For those that know me I am confident - I know who I am, I OWN it.  I don't hide me and my views and quite frankly I am an opinionated, stubborn, strong Bitch.  I know this and I own it - I make no apologies for it.

I however am not a braggart - if you ask I will tell you and I see nothing wrong with talking about your hobbies and accomplishments.  I earned my tattoo and wear it proudly but I don't walk in each Monday morning and announce what I did on the weekend.  (Now facebook and the blog are a bit different so I guess maybe I do brag - sigh)

I try to do some physical activity every day - ride to work, run at lunch, swim, stretch (OK THAT WAS A FIB)  but honestly I do try to do something.  I do it because I worry about my weight - any woman over 40 pre-menopausal does and because it makes me feel better. 

Lately at work people have noticed that I run at lunch or ride to work.  A few know I race and ask about it  - I don't advertise it, the conversations just happen.  More and more it gets out about my adventures and a few times people have said you are amazing. 

Let's get this straight I am not amazing  - I am doing what hundreds and thousands people are doing - and quite frankly most of them are considerably faster.  Nothing I am doing is amazing, I am doing stuff I have always loved to do. Run, swim, cycle.  I am just consistent and persistent.  I do it because it makes me feel good and because race fees are non-refundable.   It is my "hobby".  There is nothing amazing about what I am doing -anyone can do this  - you just have to want to. 

I have always loved being active and this is a way for me to get away from the stress of a work day by cycling home. Okay it is 25km each way, but it takes just as long to drive or sit on a bus so might as well ride.  I don't take lunch unless I go for a run - it is a way for me to decompress from the morning.  Don't worry I eat, just I eat while I am working at my desk.  This is a way to ensure I actually take a break. 

I am not doing anything spectacular - I am going out and being active and trust me there are lots of days I think I don't wanna .  Where I have the internal debate but then I think how much better I will feel and I go out and I do it.  I guess one could note that I am a little more determined about it but again there are 80+ year olds running marathons and doing ironman's. I just passed 45 years.  There are folks with missing limbs. running marathons and wheelchair athletes doing Ironman's - these folk are amazing. 

What about blind runners running ultra marathons or my buddy Avery West who at 6 years old with Downs syndrome dreams of swimming in the Special Olympics?  She is amazing - these folks are amazing - me I am just me with a hobby that gives me some exercise and a wonderful social life with some fantatstic people.  plus it gives me a reason to drink beer!

I am not amazing - I am just me trying to stay healthy and have some fun along the way on some crazy adventures.  But thanks for thinking it - it is kind of nice to hear but not necessary.

Peace out. 

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