Monday, January 9, 2012

HOW BAD CAN IT BE? God I have missed that feeling.

So the last couple of years, I guess really after Ironman, I have kind of felt like I am just going through the motions.

Register for a race, train for a race, do a race.  Repeat.  I have not really been excited it just has been an ends to a means.  I mean I have been excited about the locations but the actual distance or type of race - not really.

That : wow how do I go about doing this, holy crap am I seriously thinking about doing this, I feel kind of sick, seriously HOW BAD CAN IT BE feeling.  It just has not been there. 

Well it is back and it feels awesome!  I feel anxious, a little worried and excited all at the same time.  You ask - what is it, what is it? 

Background first - my very first running Coach - Louise. .  She was so inspiring and really touched me and helped develop my passion for running.  She was/is an amazing athlete and her passion for running was contagious.  She really cared about us and encouraged us no matter how fast or slow and well when I lead clinics I really try to emulate her.   Louise was also a big trail runner and loved ultra's.  Her stories of her adventures doing Ultra's always amazed me.  One race that intrigued me and I have talked about lots is the Canada Death Race - this year it looked like I might finally do it but alas financially it is just not fiscally smart.  With Joe going to do the Trans Alps it just did not seem feasible. 

Then I started thinking about Stormy.  This is a 50 mile trail race in the back country behind Squamish.  A few years ago 2 friends of mine did it and I put in a relay team to run with them and support them.  I always maintained that one day I would like to try and do it solo.

Stormy however is no more but after contacting the old race director I have learned there is a new race/course - The Squamish 50.  I logged on to the site and honest to god my heart started to do a little skip, my nerves started and my stomach felt a little queasy.  OMG - I think I want to do this race.  Really want to do this race.  So much that I have not stopped thinking about it.  I have already began working on the gang to recruit either peeps to do the whole thing with me or at least put in a relay team to run with me. 

I have contacted Louise and my old trail coach Tom to ask for advice on training plans/distances and any other advice they can give.  Judith has agreed to go out to Squamish so we can train on the trails. 

The only person I have not mentioned it to is JOE....  I was thinking of saying - "Good news I am not going to do the Canadian Death Race! "- He keeps telling me I am not allowed to... - Then I can say I am going to do the Squamish 50 - YEAH!!!  That should go over well - I mean I am giving him something he wants, right?

The trick is to make sure I have all my ducks in a row - my training plan laid out and yada, yada.  He will still stress about me doing it and probably tell me I can't - which we all know is like waving a red flag in front of me - I mean look how well it worked for Ironman - bahaha.

Okay- WOW- I think I am really going to do this - EEEEEEEEEKKKKK.  Seriously though - How bad can it be?

Peace out

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy new year

Happy New Year! 

Since Vegas I have been taking it easy - still running , but no cycling or swimming and way too much turkey among other things and well I can feel and see it.  My clothes are a little snugger around the middle than they have been in a long time. 

Not to worry though I have registered for some races as I find that is always a good way to motivate me to stay true to my workouts.

Vancovuer BMO Full Marathon - yep I know I said I would never do this one again because I had done it a few times and it was old news but this year they have changed the course.  Now this was not enough to convince me because I am not a big fan of running on the seawall due to the canter but Judith decided that since the start line was a 6 min jog from her front door it was time to run her first full.  Sounds wierd when she has walked one and done 2 Ironman's but yep it is true this will be her first time running a full marathon.  So with the new course, me not leading any clinics, and Judith wanting a training buddy I thought why not?  So that is bought and paid for.

Joe and I have also registered for the Oliver Half Ironman again - I know we have both done it many times over now but it is  a great course, great organization and it fits well in our schedule so why not?  Plus it is like a mini holiday for us since we head up a few days before and usually stay a day or so after. 

Then Joe and his dad are registered to race the Trans-Alps race in Europe this summer - it is an 8-day mountain bike race through Germany and Italy - I think.  Either way it should be a great way for them to celebrate Joe Sr's 70th birthday.  Yep I wrote down 70th.  I just hope I am as active at that age.

Other things for the year - was hoping to do the Death Race as part of a relay team but with the cost of getting Joe over to Europe and such it just does not look like I can swing it.  BIG BOOOOOOOOO:(  This has been on my bucket list for a long time and looked like it might actually happen this year but everything has its time  - next year!

Thinking of signing on for the Axel Merkx Penticton Gran Fondo - heard the course is challenging but good and it will give me something to do while Joe is riding the Alps - maybe not as impressive but I don't ride mountain bikes so this will suffice for me.  (Plus I looked at the Alps course and there are some pretty sketchy parts). 

Last but not least need to think about my fall race - Portland maybe?  Maybe a Canadian city?  Toronto - I have been there but never really investigated the city since it has always been for work...... Again though with 2013 being Goofy and Ironman year we will have to watch our pennies to make it all happen. 

Resolutions - try to be more patient;  not have such high expectations of others; smile more; be more positive and train smarter.  

Here is to a fantastic 2012 - lets start making memories.

Peace out