Sunday, January 30, 2011


Yes that is right folks me and the boy have officially registered for the Oliver Half Ironman.  Will this by my year?  Probably not since he is actually training this year but hey a girl's gotta dream. 

This past week has been a bit of a gong show.  Flew down a flight of stairs at work on Monday -can we say OW.  Pretty banged up and then Friday night I went out to get something on the sundeck with my crocs on and of course it had been raining and well I was airborne in no time.  Good news is I landed on the opposite side from Monday's fall.  Decided not to ride on Saturday morning but did do a 2 hour walk with the dog to the grocery store and back.  Walk home involved carrying 4 litres of milk, 2 litres of OJ and a few other items in my knapsack - probably should have just done the ride.

This morning was Sunday Clinic run and with 2 clinics going at the same time  and running different distances organization is key.  I have to say my group(s) did me proud from the great group running - 2 x2 on the sidewalks and single file when needed - not easy when well over a 100 people are running.  The BMO group is going to be a great group.  They did their first run up Prospect Point and apparently my 2:30 group cheered when they made it to the top.  I am sorry I missed it.  My Fort Langley group who did their 20km run - last really big run before race day - all looked strong and were in great spirits.  I am super excited to see how they all do on race day - they have been a great and dedicated group. 

Last but not least I decided that I needed to seriously start doing some core training and weights.  Every second day I have been doing about a 30 minute workout of combined weights and core exercises as well as I have been taking a swimming/stroke clinic.  I was like I don't know if this is doing anything and then this morning I got up and went oh apparently I do have muscles in my stomach.  So I guess something is happening so I will keep up with it.  Maybe that will be the thing that gives me the edge this year?!?! 

Peace out



Roadie in Vancouver said...

Which boy would that be, the one that has his dog pull him up the hills in the Endowment Lands ;-)

Shazam said...

Yes that would be the boy with the dog! FOrtunately no dogs allowed on the course....