Sunday, January 30, 2011


Yes that is right folks me and the boy have officially registered for the Oliver Half Ironman.  Will this by my year?  Probably not since he is actually training this year but hey a girl's gotta dream. 

This past week has been a bit of a gong show.  Flew down a flight of stairs at work on Monday -can we say OW.  Pretty banged up and then Friday night I went out to get something on the sundeck with my crocs on and of course it had been raining and well I was airborne in no time.  Good news is I landed on the opposite side from Monday's fall.  Decided not to ride on Saturday morning but did do a 2 hour walk with the dog to the grocery store and back.  Walk home involved carrying 4 litres of milk, 2 litres of OJ and a few other items in my knapsack - probably should have just done the ride.

This morning was Sunday Clinic run and with 2 clinics going at the same time  and running different distances organization is key.  I have to say my group(s) did me proud from the great group running - 2 x2 on the sidewalks and single file when needed - not easy when well over a 100 people are running.  The BMO group is going to be a great group.  They did their first run up Prospect Point and apparently my 2:30 group cheered when they made it to the top.  I am sorry I missed it.  My Fort Langley group who did their 20km run - last really big run before race day - all looked strong and were in great spirits.  I am super excited to see how they all do on race day - they have been a great and dedicated group. 

Last but not least I decided that I needed to seriously start doing some core training and weights.  Every second day I have been doing about a 30 minute workout of combined weights and core exercises as well as I have been taking a swimming/stroke clinic.  I was like I don't know if this is doing anything and then this morning I got up and went oh apparently I do have muscles in my stomach.  So I guess something is happening so I will keep up with it.  Maybe that will be the thing that gives me the edge this year?!?! 

Peace out


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shaun 1 - Squirrels 0

Last week was the first time I was on the bike since the beginning of December.  I sent a note to Coach B and gals and was told 9am - KCC ready to ride. 

I was looking forward to the ride - timing was off and I parked with about 5 min to spare to get my  bike out and shoes on - then I had to go back to get my glasses. 

The first ride also saw the LETC tri club start to ride with us.... more about that later.  Cindy waited with me to grab my glasses and then we chased down the group - nothing like a km sprint to start out your ride.
We caught the group and slotted in.

I then had a chance to say where are we going - Whytecliff - via upper levels...ah nuts!  I thought we were going to Steveston and if I had known West Van I would have met them  in West Van.  First ride back I was not too excited about 3+ hours - but I was in it now.  The ride out to West Van was not too bad and I thought maybe this will be okay. 

We headed out as a group and then Coach announced Trestle hill.  !&@^?!   - THIS IS THE WORST !@#%! way to get up to the Upper Levels.  Well whatever so things were still okay got up and was pretty winded but we regrouped and Coach gave us our workout - splitting us in groups of 3 to do pace line.  And this is where it went to hell and a hand basket pretty quick.

Now I am a triathlete but I have been riding/training with a cycling club so I have been schooled in how to paceline, draft and group ride.  Sadly the majority of triathletes have no clue - it is all about the individual ride and hammer time.  Well I got sent out with Jude and a lady who had never pace lined/drafted/group ride and so did not understand the workout and turned it into a hammerfest.  At this point I was pissed because I was having to ride a lot harder than I was supposed to and Jude thought I had sat up and waited for Cindy so she was hammering it to stay with this woman.  I was in no-man's land and severely annoyed.  By the time I caught them on an uphill portion they veered to the right suddenly going the wrong way and I just went by - Jude looked down but I was like whatever.  Eventually they found a route and got back on course. 

We reconnected and Jude said lets pace line - 30 secs on front then pull off -- well here we go again - by the time we got to the group I was thoroughly ticked off.  After repeatedly explaining the rotation and that we worked as a group this lady just did not get it and I had decided I was not riding with her anymore.

As we headed back Coach put us all together again but had Cindy with us so it was okay for about 15 min till missy had her turn on front and bolted at that point I said forget it let her go.  So the 3 of us settled in to our rhythm and all was going well.  I started to tire around 2hours and it was obvious that my fitness was down as I was working very hard to stay with the girls. 

At one point I came off and thought ah well no biggy and then the final straw.  Riding down a hill on a narrow section with a garbage truck on my wheel and traffic in the opposite direction and this darn squirrel goes for it and is bouncing around in front of me - I was like MOVE - and thought all was well when he/she at last second darted in front of me.  Bump, bump - yep you guessed it right over top of him/her I rode.  Broke the little squirrel's back for sure.  CRAPTASTIC. 

That was it - I just thought done - I am done so I sat up rode to the coffee shop and said I am going back to the car - I have had enough for one day.  The ride back to the car was uneventful overall I was out for 3.5 hours and exhausted.  Not the best first ride.

Glad to report though this weekend went out again and this time clarified where we were riding to.  The ride was 100% better.  LETC group was with us again but there was a little more explanation to them about pace lines and group riding so things went a lot smoother and my Joe came out and rode with us.  It was great to have him out - I mean he was at the front and did his intervals with the front group which are faster but it was nice to have him there and he had my coffee and lemon loaf waiting for me at the coffee shop.

And I am happy to report that I did not hit any squirrels - actually I did not even see any - hopefully they are not planning retribution. 

Peace out


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For the love of running

Happy new year!  wow has it really been that long since I  posted.  I guess 2010 shows you how narcissitic (?sp) I am - barely posted at all. 

Title - well after NY I had a melt down - well as best as you can when still coaching.  I have hated running for a while honestly since before NY - it was not good.  No wonder I blew up in the marathon.  I came back and was like blah...  I did my runs because I am leading a clinic but I did the bare minumum.  Sundays and Thursdays.

I got out and did spin and my weekly rides but I was resentful.  Something I loved doing - my time to hook up with the green goddesses was pissing me off and making me resentful.  All was not well in my world. 

I thought about it  - I mean I took a week off in NY - well okay 6 days, but still time off.  What was going on and then as usual my guardian angel - Judith - saw it and called me out.  I knew it in my heart I just did not want to admit it. 

I was overtrained.  I was burnt out and it was bad.  I actually showed up to lead a clinic one night and I did not get dressed to run - I sent them out without me. The first time in over 5 years.  I hated running and I hated riding and I hated working out.   I was ticked off at all my workouts and Judith saw it.  She gave me the permission I needed to not do workouts and be okay.  The trouble is now I need to start again. 

Running - I have a new passion for running that I have honestly not felt in about 2 years.  It has been great.  How did I get it by some amazing reading -

The Grace to Race - Sister Madonna's story.
It's only a mountain - The Hoyt's Story.
Born to Run - The greatest race ever. 

All three books have really helped me get back to basics and remind me how much I love running.  I am seriously looking at barefoot running - or at least in my socks until it warms up.  There was some interesting and very valid research in Born to Run - which is about Tahnemura runners in Mexico, Scott Turic, and trail running in general - really a great read.  It also has really got me thinking very seriously about vegetarian and such.  However I am going to start researching some more about CHIA - apparently the magic factor for runners.  Mostly what I liked about the book was it was going back to basics and just running for the pure joy of running - which is why I run.  No heart rate monitors, no time intervals, just running because I wanted to  - something that coach Barb would not like.  NO STATS. 

I got back in the pool for the first time in a year- I am not going to lie while I felt okay my shoulders and neck did not.  Overall I pulled out 1200 m.  400 straight - the rest in intervals. 

Cycling - not going to lie struggling - I hate the trainer.  that is what the crew is doing.  It has also has been horribly cold here and well I am a pansy.  Read a great book - Greg LeMond - Tour de France winner. Great read - but not terribly motivating.  Just have to suck it up I suppose - would be brutal if the girls beat me up the hill in the spring. 

I guess the big thing is that it is Joe's year and I know the journey he is starting and I want to be there to support him in all ways possible.  I know this means putting my goals second  and well financially we can't have 2 of us paying huge coaching fees.  So this year's blog is going to be from the perspective of a spouse of  a future Ironman.  Don't get me wrong I am still racing and training but from a different angle. So after May 1st I will not be leading clinics for a while.  This will allow me to go up to the Okanangan any weekend we want and train with Joe. 

My races - Vancouver half - May 1 - 2:15 pace bunny.  Oliver Half Ironman.  Gran Fondo Bike Race.  San Fran Women's Half Marathon (if we get in).  I am sure there will be more - probably a few time trials, UBC Tri and Osoyoss Half iron are good possibilites. 

Either way - 2011 is going to be a busy and exiting year.   Thankfully I love running again  only 2 more sports to go.

Peace Out