Sunday, March 28, 2010


Well I am not going to lie - I have the doldrums.  The olympics and the paralympics are gone and I am sad.  For those that were not here it was truly one of the most amazing experiences.  I loved and cherished every moment - literally every moment and am so grateful that I live in Vancouver/lower mainland. 

The energy was amazing and it was so incredible for people here to not only embrace both events but to embrace being Canadian.  I am a fanatic about being Canadian for those that looked at my photos from Ireland, Joe and myself are both wearing Canada memorabilia not because we thought people would be nicer to us - I mean we were in Ireland -  they are nice to everyone, but because we were proud to be Canadians.  I remember my stepdaughter saying to me - you can't wear that hat - people will know you are a tourist and mug you.  We both looked at her and said we understood the risk but were willing to take it - trust me - my husband who grew up in Belfast was constantly lecturing us on safey but not once did he say take off your Canada gear. 

It is kind of sad now that we have put our gear away but have we really?  I notice there are still lots of flags out and people are still walking around with their mittens and jackets - I think that the Vancouver Olympics/Paralmpics really did cross barriers and unite us as a nation - or at least I hope so. 

All I know is that for myself it felt great to wear my leaf on my sleeve, literally, and I promise to do more of it.  Thank you to all of our athletes for the fabulous performances and the great memories, but mostly thank you Vancouver and the lower mainland for embracing the spirit of the Olympics/Paralympics -   you did us proud.

Proud to be Canadian,eh


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