Tuesday, August 25, 2009

not much left to say

this will be my last post before the race and in the end there is not much left to say.

I have been a little paniced because yesterday I woke up and my neck was siezed and I could not turn it at all. It it is still pretty sore but I went to the doctor and had some xrays done and he says it is just a stiff neck so I am on some anti-inflammatories and no exercise for the next few days. In the end it is probably god's way of ensuring I am rested up.

Today I was walking the dog and we were in the trails by my house and there was a bench and a really beautiful song on my IPOD and I decided to stop and sit down and just think about next Sunday and it was surreal I just felt this inner peace and calm and I just knew I am going to be okay - that I was being watched over and to not worry I would be okay.

Coach Barb also called and we talked and she said it is stress and I need to remember that this is just really another day - that it is nothing new for me that I have been doing this for the last 6 months and she is right. It is what I tell my runners - listen it is just another Sunday run with a whole bunch more people - so just treat it that way. What a great coach - no wonder I like and trust her so much.

So next time I post I WILL BE an Ironman finisher and don't worry I will make sure to tell you every detail of the adventure.

Thanks for all your encouragement, thoughts and prayers they mean the world to me.

Peace out


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dkermode said...

We will be there with cow bells, pom-poms and cheers!!!