Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oliver - the bike curse

Not sure if it is the race, or the the time of year or the fates just messing with me but I say "UNCLE". Seriously this is not funny. It is like deja vu of last year all over again when my bike's back end blew up 2 weeks before Oliver - I did not get it back until the Thursday before the race and it still needed to be tweaked then. Looks like I am on the darn roller coaster again.

Had the bike in for a total tune-up last week - rode her Sunday and Monday no issues. Later I was washing the bike and the back tire was flat - no biggy it has been known to happen. So last night after my run I went to change the back tire. Released the quick release - it released right away - sometimes the shop goes a little too tight and I have to fight with it. Then I went to turn the quick release and nothing it will not budge a mm either way then I thought I will push it back in nope nothing....

we take this moment to warn you of explicit language - SON OF A B************!

Seriously are you kidding me? Bigger problem bike shop is on the other side of town and we are a one car family with the car out of town right now. There is a shop close to the house but they close at 6 and since I am on the proletariat chariot for the next few days there is not enough time for me to get home, and haul the bike down to that shop.

Last night I was freaking out big time, today I am more accepting - I have decided that I will get it sorted out before Friday, not sure how but I will and try to be zen about it for now.... I am pretty positive in another 4 hours I will have another melt down but for now I am accepting. I mean really I can ride the hybrid during the race - how bad can THAT be? (insert hysterical giggling -HAHAHAHAHAHAHA).

Seriously if anyone has any tips out there please share because I need to get this bike thing sorted out.


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