Friday, June 5, 2009

Good to go

I will keep it short and sweet. Isis (yes I name my bikes - I am sure y'all have weird things to...) is ready to go. Took her to the shop and they torqued on the quick release and got the back wheel off. Since we were there I had them change the tube and just got a new tire since it was the 5 flat on the back tire and there were lots of nicks and punctures.

Bags are packed, hotel is confirmed so only thing to do now is do the race - er I mean training session. Anyhow will send out a report early next week. Wish us luck - here is to cool temps, low winds and no flats.



Kirsten said...

YAY!!! have a great trainingrunrace. :D :D

Anonymous said...

i know you will kick butt "training". Cant wait to hear how it went!


Anonymous said...

I looked but cant find results posted on the site yet. Call and let me know how you did (leave a message if I dont answer) I really want to know!!!