Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oliver Half Iron Grudge match - 12 days and counting

The Oliver Half Iron is less than 2 weeks from now where we will have a rematch between me and my hubby - Joe. Last year he beat my by 15 min and more frustratingly grrrrr - still annoyed - by 2 seconds on the bike. This year that is NOT going to happen - no way - no how. (nope I am not even slighly competitive (LOL)).

However victory will not be easy - Joe is also competitve AND one of those darn "natural" athletes - so annoying - you know the kind - oh I guess I will run a marathon - and starts to train 3 weeks out and still pulls a 4 hour off. But I am confident - last year he quasi trained - he swam a few times and rode with me pretty much every weekend from February on and ran a lot on his own and only pulled out 15 min on me. This year he has barely trained. Actually about 5 weeks ago I asked him if he felt so confident about last year's success that this year's plan was to not train at all (LOL) - which I guess goaded him because he started running and while he does not go out on his road bike much he is out on his mountain bike for a couple of hours every second day or so. Should have kept my big mouth shut and my victory would have been assured...

However I should be okay because he has not swam a lap since last year - I am not even sure he has been in water besides to have a shower since then. So I am going to have to swim faster than him and then get on the bike and ride like the wind and hope I build enough of a lead to stay in front of him on the half. He is a super fast runner. I am also counting on that he has not done any bricks - hopefully this will all play in my favour. Not to mention all the riding I have been doing 4 days a week with a mountain climb at least once a week and 3 hour rides on the weekend. I just hope it is enough.

On other news outside the tri bubble - Baby watch 2009 is almost over and going as scheduled. As I said to my BFF don't worry nobody is going anywhere until the scheduled C-Section on May 27th and Voila tomorrow it will be. I should have bet her and the doc's $$$$. So tomorrow morning I will put on the hat of birthing coach - not sure what I will be doing since it is a C-section but I am excited to meet the twinkies all the same. And we are also waiting on my niece to have her babe - she is about a week overdue. It would be very interesting if they both delivered tomorrow that is for sure!

But in the interim I have to take Alley Cat to the vet later today because she is not keeping anything down and just very quiet - not like her at all. Good thing it is a rest day.


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