Monday, May 11, 2009

Grinders - you've gotta love them!

Yesterday morning I woke up and just did not want to ride. You know you wake up and revert back to 6 years old - I don't wanna go for a bike ride!! (stomp feet, insert pout). Yep today was going to be a grinder- crap.

I looked at the schedule and thought crap ride 3 hours: intervals on the North Shore knowing that meant we were riding out to Whytecliff (rollers followed by more rollers) then probably up the steep hill to the highway followed by a climb up to the first lookout (at minimum) on Cypress. Hmmm I think my throat is itchy - cough cough. Then I look at the back of my bedroom door - my Ironman poster my husband got me in 2007 and crossed out the date to read 2009 – was hanging there.

Right no, I don't have a cold. Grumble grumble. This went on for the next hour and a bit as I got ready and walked the dog. Fortunately, I have strategically placed notes and autographed posters of idols such as Michellie Jones and Dean Krantz, Ultramarathon Man, around my house for just such times. As well when me and the pup headed out for a walk the weather was gorgeous.

So I got dressed and hopped on the bike and headed over to meet the group. The whole time thinking shoot I am soo tired, my leg hurts, it is cold and on and on. I was getting myself worked into a real tizzy about how hard and difficult this ride was going to be.

Even the “pep” talk before we headed out about the workout, the drills, the reasoning- was ominous. Barb and Larry were like it hurts, tough, it is going to hurt but you push through. If it hurts, push and it will hurt some more but that is what makes winners. You think this will get easier it never really gets easier because you move the goal when you get there. A bunch of us looked at each other and "M" whispered "S...t" guys don't sugar coat it - I was like let’s just get this over with. Time to grind it out – coach says these are the workouts that build personality. Personally I think I have more than enough personality, really I am a legend - at least in my own mind .

Off we went and I was right it was hard, especially at the start, it was a tough ride, remembering the gearing drills for the rollers, pushing when you thought you were done and getting a little farther/faster. But then at one point while I was busting a lung and my legs were burning pushing up yet another bloody hill - I realized that I was having a great time. Yes this was hard but really it was not that bad. (LOL)You just have to love it when you realize that you are having the time of your life. I was so glad that I came out because I would have missed that experience AND I would not have taken a min + off my cypress climb time to boot! A running friend said it best – I never regret going for a run (swim/ride) but I ALWAYS regret not going.

Truer words never spoken and hey one can always develop more character….

Peace out


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