Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The sun has finally arrived - sort of....

Not much to report - got another week under my belt on the training tread wheel and Super Wednesdays are becoming easier or maybe more appropriately I don't feel completely exhausted at the end of them.

Wednesdays I run at lunch 6 - 10km depending on how the leg/hip feels. Then I ride with the group up the local mountain - Cypress - which would be fine but coach usually has some draconian (sp??) workout inter mixed with the climb (LOL) and then I zip home to grab my swim gear and head off to the pool where my far too young and exuberant swim coach is waiting.

I'll be honest the first couple of weeks I was thinking OI but now, wait for it..... I am kind of starting to like it - I KNOW it concerns me to. I had to laugh though the first couple of weeks I did it my hubby was like are you sure it is a good idea to do all three in the same day?

I was like - ummm it is called a TRIATHLON - I am going to have to do all three in the same day for the race.... (insert eyeroll). He is just worried because he knows that this year in Oliver he is going DOWN - that's right I said it and I posted it on the Internet, so there! (cripes now he is going to actually start training....)

However today is Rest day and after going for my weekly lecture with my favorite physio I plan on a brisk session of couch surfing.

Peace out


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Kirsten said...

so you're doing better then? you're a brave soul lady -- conquering wednesdays near and far! maybe you can come over for dinner next tuesday after your physio appointment?