Monday, April 27, 2009

Hippity Hop - 6 sleeps till I don my ears

Vancouver BMO Marathon and Half are coming up quickly – only 6 more sleeps.

This will be my 3rd time as a race pace bunny for the 1/2 marathon. The first time I did it was because I wanted to be there for some ladies in my half marathon clinic running their first half and I was asked by the race organizer. I jumped at the chance mostly because I really wanted to be there for the gals in my clinic.
It was everything I had hoped for and more - so much fun and a great way to be inspired by amazing people. I pace the 2:30 group - they are the closest to my heart. When I ran my first half marathon my time was 2:36 and change - I was pleased as punch. It was my first so a PB, I had been training almost from the get-go with extreme Plantar Fasciitis in both feet, my goal was to finish, against my physio and massage peeps advice I kept training. In my mind I had to do this - first off to win the bet, second because I had paid the registration fee and it was non-refundable, and lastly because I knew if I did not follow through I would probably never run one so I "sucked" it up I was just thrilled that I had set out a goal and reached it and then as promised I stopped running for a few months to allow my feet to heal properly and get proper orthotics.

Coach yesterday said to me does it not hurt to run that slow for the race? I was like at this time it is a comfortable run for me as I am still recovering from the accident. I also told her that by pacing this group it will be a true training run since my "bunny" contract is to arrive at finish line in 2 hours 30 min = 7min/km pace time - give or take and it is bad form to arrive too far ahead of time. Hence no chance that I will end up "racing". Finally, in my experience the 2:30 group is generally the most fun and inspirational - not to say the other runners/groups are not, but usually the peeps in 2:30 are reformed couch potatoes who are really reaching outside their comfort zone for the very first time. I want to be there for them to show them that they are more than capable, to help them understand that they are ATHLETES and hopefully develop in them the desire to continue running after this run. I hope I can provide such an experience for them that it won’t be a “one” off.

I know lofty goals for a gal with some pink ears sewn to her hat but in my mind to wear the ears is an honour and with that honour comes great responsibility. I am an ambassador to one of the greatest sports in the world. So this year I will again don my ears with pride and lead a bunch of peeps to their dream times showing them that anything is humanly possible when you apply yourself.

Peace out Shaun


Kirsten said...

I think that you're an amazing ambassador and for all those 2:30 peeps out there who don't get a chance to say it: THANK YOU! You lead by example, even if sometimes it is what NOT to do, that is still a great thing. Viva la Bunny!

Shaunene said...

hey I am getting better... I mean really when was the last time I did more than physio, I mean massage, I mean coach - oh look cricket!