Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Achoo yeah Spring is here

Not much to report, still feeling terribly lethargic but now I know why it is the darn flowers and blossom - stupid hay fever.

Confirmed it on Saturday while doing a beautiful trail run with the dog up to Cleveland dam in N Vancouver - by the time I got back to the car besides my leg throbbing (more on that later) my eyes were swollen and my nose was like a bloody faucet. Did not get much better on the Sunday ride in Richmond by the time I got home I had a pounding headache and had to admit that Spring fever had officially hit my house. I finally broke down and went and bought some Claritin last night.

On other news did my first official ride up Cypress last week with my cycling group it was great. Going up to the highway from Marine was not too bad - tough but I just put my head down and rode I got to the highway and was like okay at least Cindy is still with me so that felt pretty good since I know Cindy has been training really hard and is much stronger than last year. We got to the highway and she dropped me like a bad habit -something to work on the flats - it is all good that my climbing is coming back but I need to pick it up on the flats....We got to the base and started out together again and I again just put my head down and focused on getting to the first look out. Larry who is one of my coaches, circled round and near the top rode down to us at this time I was in front of Cindy I just did not know how far and then he was pushing her so she passed me SH*T! Then he slowed down to me and started talking and pushing me go - catch her - you are NOT going to let her beat you are you! NOOOOO so I dropped a gear (which I now know means making it harder) and then another and just went for it and I did it with about 20 feet left I passed her and finsihed in front it was AWESOME. On the way back I got dropped by the group again - I just never got on their wheel and then got caught behind a few other riders and that was it. Overall very pleased though - the only problem was that when I got back to the car my leg was throbbing. I did get to my swim that night but the next day I opted out of doing the actual speed workout because it was still bugging me and just ran an 5km easy run.

Leg is still sore and shoulder has been aching since Friday night when I did 2000m straight but physio is working on both and they seem to be getting better - it is just frustrating it just feels like I make 2 steps forward in recovery only to slide back. Well at least the slides backward are not as long and I seem to be able to pull out of them faster but still I just wish they would go away completely.

Trying to enjoy the flowers


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