Friday, February 6, 2009

We are not hood ornaments!

A friend's son-in-law was hit this past Monday while riding his bike to work. Not only was he hit but the driver then proceeded to push/drag him down the road for awhile before it occured to him to hang up his phone and see what might be in the way of his front tire!

I get that you were busy on the phone with your friend while you were trying to change the cd and hold your coffee that you picked up at the Tim HOrtons that you just had made the right turn out of into my friend. I get it. What I don't get and why I am miffed is that you would then proceed to falsify your statement to the police and talk your victim -YES VICTIM in to dragging himself - correct I said drag himself off the road. Unbelievable comes to mind. Thankfully the victim had called into work and told them he had been hit, he was right by work and they sent the first aid team out. Thankfully they heard the driver freaking out on his cell phone to his friends that he was on his cell phone and did not see this guy so there are witnesses to say he is full of horse pucky!

I guess I am so miffed because I understand when an accident happens - I get it and I know I have been guilty of the exact same thing - talking on the phone while driving- I pledge to stop now by the way - but be a man -own up to your mistake and take responsibility. Be accountable - that is the problem with people and soceity, everyone wants to blame someone else for their problems. Everyone wants to avoid responsibility whether it is the kid who did not study and now its the teacher's fault they are failing, to the athlete who skipped some workouts and now its the coach's fault they did not get their goal time, to the homeowner who overextended themselves, to the major corporation who's executives buy themselves a brand new friggin jet rather than take a pay cut and properly run their company! Seriously people take responsibility for your actions.

So anyways - the victim's leg is shattered, after close to 30 hours waiting in the hospital he finally had surgery and instead being allowed to stay in the hospital for the 4 days suggested by the surgeon he was sent home the next day. But that is another rant for another day.

I guess my request is simple - please be aware -hang up the phone and pay attention to the road in front and around you. It only takes a second and the next thing you know you have changed someone's life forever. YOu don't want a new hood ornament trust me.

Peace out

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