Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bye bye Turkey Tummy

Whew - finally the last vestiges of Turkey Tummy are finally gone.

Being sick and not being able to train over the holidays accompanied by the realization that the next 8 months I was going to have to clean up my diet I kind of went a little crazy. Anyone that knows me knows I absolutely love potato chips - adore them - I like every flavor - of course there are ones that I prefer more than others but I am an equal opportunity chip eater. As I always say I never met a chip that I did not get along with. Couple that with turkey sandwiches with homemade sausage dressing and well you have a perfect recipe for 8 lbs of turkey tummy.

Since the 2nd - I was too hungover on the first - I have cut out chips and alcohol - my 2 weaknesses and got back to working out regularly and this morning I am back to pre-Christmas weight. NO- I am not telling you what it is - but is a good weight.

Last night I had physio anc because I am on transit, no car at home and a border collie that was crossing his legs when I got home there was just no time to get to the pool but not to worry it is all good. I got home, grabbed the dog for a quick power walk around the neighborhood, got home fed dog and cat, changed into riding gear and got on the trainer for an hour. YES!!!! The snow is almost gone so hoping I can start riding back and forth from work starting next week which will remove time on the dreaded trainer.

So that is the update - just had to gloat for a bit.



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