Thursday, October 2, 2008

Go gang go!

This weekend is the Portland Marathon - and the gang is all going except for me (sniff). I spent all my $$$ on Shazam so no fall marathon for me!

I am super excited for them all because June is shooting for Boston qualifying time and I just KNOW she is going to nail it this time. Especially since this is a far easier course than Edge to Edge! I am also a little sad because I won't be at the finish line to see Carol, Pam, Jaime and Ann finish their first marathons. There is no other feeling in the world! I have told them they better take a gazillion pics and remember every second. Others going are Kirsten - doing her second and supporting Carol and Pam in their quest. Cory who will be pacing June, Chuck, and Carmen.

On other news - training - yesterday was a great day overall. I ran, rode to work and back and then swam.

I got up had some juice, dressed, grabbed dog and headed out for a run first thing - ran about 6km. Since I had been pondering when to get the second ride in for the week and well is was so nice outside I thought - suck it up princess - ride to work! I know you have swimming in the evening but it is IRONMAN you are training for and that means 3 sports in one day. Best to start now.

So I rode to work and was having a great ride, not a care in the world, got to the office and went to get the keys out of my knapsack..... FAIL - yep I rode 15+ km completely oblivious to the fact that I did not have my knapsack with my lunch, keys, wallet, bus pass, change of clothes, yada, yada. Ahhh another classic moment for me. So I was like I guess I will ride back and then I realized wait a second - and called a co-worker who sometimes house sits for me and usually comes in later. Yep he was still at home - perfect - so I got him to stop at my place on the way in and grab my knapsack. The ride home was great to - and yes I remembered the knapsack this time- thank you very much! Got home in 48 minutes -fastest time yet - not bad for when you take in traffic stops and it is all uphill home.

Swim was great - I even willingly put the the weight from hell back on and Coach is happy with results my hips and shoulders are moving correctly. He however has another plan for the arm pull/reach stuff - as usual he did not give me details only gave me his evil little smile and giggle. I can hardly wait for Friday's swim it is like getting a Christmas present early!!


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Anonymous said...

I'm sticking around too (because I spent all my money on a trip to Europe the next week).
Way to go on the fast ride home and here's to an inaugural ride.
I'll add my best wishes to all those going (including the one who likely gave me my cold). PBs all around!
Portland weather is looking to be alot like here so they should be running in a familiar climate.