Monday, October 27, 2008

Frustrated and Bored


It is just over 3 weeks since I was hit and I am starting to get just a smidge irritable. Trying really hard not to but when you are someone who trains 6 days a week and has run every Sunday for the last 7 years well you can guess.

Got 2 quotes back about the bike - not repairable - big shock. Waiting for the 3rd - not sure why it is taking so long - but expect more of the same. The process is honestly pissing me off and I now see how and why people get lawyers. I did nothing wrong and yet I am the one driving around to all these bloody shops and getting quotes. I am the one who can't run or ride and who only got clearance for the pool last week. I am the one who aches every day and usually has a headache by the end of the day. Physio is all about these darn electrodes to stimulate the muscles - lots of fun - afterwards I usually feel pretty noxious and just want to go home and sleep. Fun times.

Now I am told that since I am over the 3 week hump expect to have some bloody person following me around to "catch" me doing something. BRING IT ON - yes you can watch me walk my dog and then go and sit on my bloody couch - when I would prefer to run or watch me get on the bloody bus because A- I DON'T have a bike and B - I could not ride it if I wanted to. So yes take your stupid pictures - I actually make to sure to just do random waves and have started putting on lip gloss - one must look good for the camera.

I had a bone scan last Thursday - I want to make sure that there is no fractures or such since everyone keeps x-raying my bloody back and not my pelvis as I have continuously told them. Results should be available on Wednesday - they did extra views - I am hoping it is because they are really thorough and not because there is anything there. Otherwise it will be at least another friggin 3 weeks before I am allowed to run on land and probably ride. GRRRRRRR If the scan comes back clean you can bet that I am going to start pushing it a bit - I have a clinic that I am coaching that starts on Thursday - it would be helpful if I could actually run with them....


Well at least I can water run - WOOOOHOOOOOO


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

RIP Shazam

Yes that is right you read the title right. Easy come, easy go.

So you all got to see my beautiful new carbon fibre bike, I named her Shazam - yes I name all my bikes just like I name my cars. Weird - maybe but you know what I am not an ax-murder so c'est la vie.

Anyways back to Shazam. So I got her sized up and was vibrating with excitement to go for an inaugural ride. So the next Saturday - almost 2 weeks ago now - I got up early and dressed up - as a precaution I even threw on my yellow riding jacket - just to make us more visible - for all the good it would do - and off we went.

It was amazing - we flew up the hills and down the hills, gears changed smoothly - like a hot knife through butter, I felt like I was riding on air. I think I even giggled at one point - it was nirvana. We were bonding nicely and on our way back home from a really great ride out to Coquitlam and back.

We made our left hand turn ON THE GREEN for the final push home. Then it happened. Out of nowhere I am getting slammed from behind and then I am on the ground! Then I am looking at the undercarriage of a Jeep! I am still not completely sure how it all went down but suffice it to say Shazam and me were pretty banged up. We both got chaperoned rides - Shazam off to the local firehouse next door to home and me off to emergency for a delightful afternoon of neck braces, body boards and xrays.

Final prognosis - Shazam is done - it is over - this relationship was shorter than my grade 1 boyfriend! Carbon fibre bike versus Jeep YJ- Jeep YJ won. Me - I am pretty sore and banged up - lots of green and purple spots, pulled hamstring, pelvis injury still not diagnosed - xrays negative for a fracture so bone scan next, back, neck and shoulders very sore and headaches. I am not sure what upsets me more the injuries and necessary rehab to see if I can continue with the plan for Ironman or the loss of such a great bike. Sometimes I think I am more upset about the bike.

I start physio tomorrow so we will see - I am determined to get back as soon as I can and thankfully Insurance will cover the bike but still. Mostly I am a little worried that I will be gun-shy on the bike now. That I will be too tentative.

List of things to do - rehab, replace shazam, start training again - this is a setback but I am determined to do Ironman next August. Thankfully the driver stopped when he noticed I was "riding" his hood. He seems like a good guy he apologized, called the ambulance and did not run over me when I came off the hood and went under for which I will always be eternally grateful.

Actually I feel pretty darn lucky - I am not paralyzed, no serious head injury or worse dead.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Go gang go!

This weekend is the Portland Marathon - and the gang is all going except for me (sniff). I spent all my $$$ on Shazam so no fall marathon for me!

I am super excited for them all because June is shooting for Boston qualifying time and I just KNOW she is going to nail it this time. Especially since this is a far easier course than Edge to Edge! I am also a little sad because I won't be at the finish line to see Carol, Pam, Jaime and Ann finish their first marathons. There is no other feeling in the world! I have told them they better take a gazillion pics and remember every second. Others going are Kirsten - doing her second and supporting Carol and Pam in their quest. Cory who will be pacing June, Chuck, and Carmen.

On other news - training - yesterday was a great day overall. I ran, rode to work and back and then swam.

I got up had some juice, dressed, grabbed dog and headed out for a run first thing - ran about 6km. Since I had been pondering when to get the second ride in for the week and well is was so nice outside I thought - suck it up princess - ride to work! I know you have swimming in the evening but it is IRONMAN you are training for and that means 3 sports in one day. Best to start now.

So I rode to work and was having a great ride, not a care in the world, got to the office and went to get the keys out of my knapsack..... FAIL - yep I rode 15+ km completely oblivious to the fact that I did not have my knapsack with my lunch, keys, wallet, bus pass, change of clothes, yada, yada. Ahhh another classic moment for me. So I was like I guess I will ride back and then I realized wait a second - and called a co-worker who sometimes house sits for me and usually comes in later. Yep he was still at home - perfect - so I got him to stop at my place on the way in and grab my knapsack. The ride home was great to - and yes I remembered the knapsack this time- thank you very much! Got home in 48 minutes -fastest time yet - not bad for when you take in traffic stops and it is all uphill home.

Swim was great - I even willingly put the the weight from hell back on and Coach is happy with results my hips and shoulders are moving correctly. He however has another plan for the arm pull/reach stuff - as usual he did not give me details only gave me his evil little smile and giggle. I can hardly wait for Friday's swim it is like getting a Christmas present early!!