Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's done - time to put plan Ironman into action....

Yep I did it - as of 10 minutes ago I am officially registered for Subaru Ironman 2009 - Canada. GAAK - that is the first wave of nausea and panic - oihh it is going to be a long year. Apparently last night I woke my husband up at 2am and starting talking about times I needed and cutoffs (LOL) I have never done that so obviously I am already obsessing - if anyone out there has suggestions on how to settle down I would appreciate them.

The plan - basically swim, ride, run - LOTS. I have been thinking and planning and here is the general plan

This week I start back in the pool with my swim coach - I figure we will work on technique and form till January - 3 x a week. January we start building the distance and in May out to the open water I go.

Bike - I am shopping for a new bike and hope to have that done in the next few weeks so I can get it fit properly as my cycle coaches are moving to the interior pretty quick. I am still biking to work and back - 2 to 3x a week - total trip 30km. and Figure on Saturdays I will get out and do 1 - 2 hours as well as spin class on Monday nights - this of course is open to revision but that is the plan. In January I am going to start working with my cycle coaches and the group again - love to do it sooner but as always $$$ is the issue - unless someone wants to be my sugar daddy....

RUnning - currently I am training for a fall marathon - location to be announced. As well since I am coaching 1/2 clinics I run consistently every week so not too concerned about that. I plan on coaching the next clinic - will go into February and then co-coaching the Vancouver clinic - but in a more secondary position or even maybe giving up the 1/2 and co-coaching the full not sure yet. I want to be able to do the group rides on Sundays starting March - so intermittant rides with the until May should be okay.... I won't teach the summer clinic.

Core - I am determined to really work on core stuff - I say this - let's see if I do it.

So that is the plan - now just to follow it - to help me I have started a log book to monitor what I eat/drink and what I do for activities - again I will really try and use it. No promises though oh and I came up with a great diddly - Ironman - sung to the Spiderman song - it is quite catching.

Right off to find out about spin classes.



jonovision_man said...

Good luck with IMC! I've heard nothing but good things about it, you'll do great... sounds like you're working from a good base.

I'm targeting 2010... but will probably do Lake Placid, closer to where I'm at (Toronto).

Take care, keep us posted on the RR forums.


redleaf said...

Wow. How exciting! I look forward to reading about your endeavours!