Monday, September 22, 2008

Introducing the newest addition - Shazam

That is right I have bought her and she is gorgeous - I am so excited my very first new to me bike. She is a full carbon chariot that is a perfect fit for me- the Ruby Elite Compact. I am confident that together we will conquer Richter's Pass and the Yellow lake rollers.

Is she not the most beautiful bike ever????

In other news I have been pretty good on the training - did miss Friday night's swim but it was sex toy party - swim - sex toy party -swim. The party won out and in the end it will also help with training as it should help with tension....

I have also realized that a fall marathon will have to be shelved since I just spent all my pennies on Shazam but that is okay. A little disappointing but in the big scheme of things it really is not that big a deal - I have done the training and it is not like I have not done one before. Plus I just can't faced doing a 2 loop marathon which is what Kelowna is.

I am a little concerned as I have dropped 4 lbs in a week but hoping it is just because I have stopped eating crap and the increase in training again but will have to monitor that.


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Chris said...

Potato chips are not crap. we both know many people who live on them for long distances. Think electrolites.....

Way to go on the bike! I think you will go far and fast together.