Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Summer at last

The weather on the "wet" coast has been absolutely fabulous the past couple of weeks - better than it was all darn summer?!? So much so that I am hoping it holds for the weekend so I can take Shazam out for a ride. With the final sizing tweaks done I am beside myself to get out and ride her on the road.

Last night was the first night back at Spin class -OMG - killer as usual but I love it. I love knowing that it is just another piece of in the puzzle to Ironman. It was nice to see the ladies I ride with since I have not rode with them since June - Lottie just did not have it in her for the climbs and I wanted to spare them listening to me curse. They are so inspirational the 4 of them - on Sunday the did the triple mountain ride. First I heard of it - they rode Mount Seymour then over and up Grouse mountain and then over to Cypress Mountain - all finished in under 6 hours. AND then they showed up for Spin Class last night - I am not sure I am in the same league as these ladies.

So after the Spin class - I showered and zipped home to take dog for a walk - a quick dinner and off to Swimming. Brad is determined to get my stroke right and I have told him whatever it takes - let's do it but cripes he is sadistic little fellow! Last night he gave me a 5 pound weight on a belt to wear while I swam to fix my whole hip /shoulder rotation and then just to make it fun he gave me paddles - since my pull is -he did not say it out loud but pathetic would be my interpretation from the look on his face. Egads it was tough swimming but after I took off the weight I did feel like I swam a little better so here is hoping.

Thank goodness today is rest day - as I plan for tomorrows hi-jinx - Run in the am - weights at lunch, swim at night - seeing if I am organized enough I may even ride to work and home. However that may be considered overtraining - not sure.

Peace out

Monday, September 22, 2008

Introducing the newest addition - Shazam

That is right I have bought her and she is gorgeous - I am so excited my very first new to me bike. She is a full carbon chariot that is a perfect fit for me- the Ruby Elite Compact. I am confident that together we will conquer Richter's Pass and the Yellow lake rollers.

Is she not the most beautiful bike ever????

In other news I have been pretty good on the training - did miss Friday night's swim but it was sex toy party - swim - sex toy party -swim. The party won out and in the end it will also help with training as it should help with tension....

I have also realized that a fall marathon will have to be shelved since I just spent all my pennies on Shazam but that is okay. A little disappointing but in the big scheme of things it really is not that big a deal - I have done the training and it is not like I have not done one before. Plus I just can't faced doing a 2 loop marathon which is what Kelowna is.

I am a little concerned as I have dropped 4 lbs in a week but hoping it is just because I have stopped eating crap and the increase in training again but will have to monitor that.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Bike porn anyone.

The weather here on the wet coast has been absolutely fabulous. I am so happy that June finally arrived....

It has a been a dream to ride and run in. This past week workouts have been good - swimming started so I was in the pool Mon, Wed and Fri and I am now the fastest of the slowest!!! One really must bask in accomplishments....

The running has been great - really long mileage yesterday was a "quick" 37km if there is such a thing. Felt pretty good but IT band is making noise today - a little concerning but I will roll it out tonight and that to should pass. Not quite sure why I keep running these distances as I have not actually registered for any of the marathons - everyone thinks I am certifiable (more so than when I registered for IMC2009) because I am doing these long runs willingly and usually by myself?!?!

Okay - I promised bike porn - after the tragic passing of my little car (moment of silence please)..... I finally got over to my bike coaches house to get my basic mearsurements before I go bike shopping - He suggests 50" female designed frame - carbon would be best, ultegra components, 700 wheels - do not get 650 - 700 - he was adamant. Have not had a chance to go anywhere yet - such is life but I do know that the dreambike would be the Specialized Ruby Comp- (see below)

I however also like this Trek model:

Now just to go find my new chariot that will take me triumphantly up RIchter's Pass.


Monday, September 8, 2008

And I thought it was just 3 things I needed to work on

Well I have been faithfully working on keeping my training notes - that is writing down what I eat and drink each day as well as what I do in the way of phaysical activity. I have been reading various blogs and articles and it has dawned on me that besides swimming, running and riding I need to remember to work on my mental game and nutrition. Mentally I know that if I stick to the plan and remember to visualize success I will get there. That means do the workouts - no excuses - do the workouts - and I already learned that lesson from the first Half IRonman where I skipped a lot of workouts. I paid the price - DNF. Think positively - visualize success - I learned the power of that training for the 2nd half Ironman - very very important. Can never start to early on that.

But I will be honest I am concerned about the nutrition - I am getting better but I am not a big eater while doing workouts. I have been reading articles on amounts and grams and on and on per hour, per pound, per workout and it just seems very overwhelming and like a whole other job. From what I can tell I need to eat about 67 g of carbs per hour on the bike - what that computes to when taking in the swim - I do not know. Plus I am sweater - no I do not perspire I sweat - a lot - worse than Sumo wrestler in a Sauna. So the electrolyte thing is huge for me. I wonder if there is a good book that talks specifically about nutrition for long course - you know - Ironman eating for Dummies. I mean I am pretty comfortable eating stuff while I ride - I always carry a banana, gels, sport beans and a couple of good old granola bars. I have also been know to stop and get a burger on really long rides over 3 hours -part way through and have felt no ill effects. But I am pretty sure that that is not the best food choice. Next weekend on my long run I am going to try chocolate covered coffee beans - should be interesting - I remember reading Ultra marathon Man and him swearing by them - so we will see. I will though not be totally foolish I will make sure I take them when I am closer to bathrooms than not because if it is going to go sideways it usually does about 20 minutes after eating them.

Oh time to eat my apple I have to ride home tonight...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's done - time to put plan Ironman into action....

Yep I did it - as of 10 minutes ago I am officially registered for Subaru Ironman 2009 - Canada. GAAK - that is the first wave of nausea and panic - oihh it is going to be a long year. Apparently last night I woke my husband up at 2am and starting talking about times I needed and cutoffs (LOL) I have never done that so obviously I am already obsessing - if anyone out there has suggestions on how to settle down I would appreciate them.

The plan - basically swim, ride, run - LOTS. I have been thinking and planning and here is the general plan

This week I start back in the pool with my swim coach - I figure we will work on technique and form till January - 3 x a week. January we start building the distance and in May out to the open water I go.

Bike - I am shopping for a new bike and hope to have that done in the next few weeks so I can get it fit properly as my cycle coaches are moving to the interior pretty quick. I am still biking to work and back - 2 to 3x a week - total trip 30km. and Figure on Saturdays I will get out and do 1 - 2 hours as well as spin class on Monday nights - this of course is open to revision but that is the plan. In January I am going to start working with my cycle coaches and the group again - love to do it sooner but as always $$$ is the issue - unless someone wants to be my sugar daddy....

RUnning - currently I am training for a fall marathon - location to be announced. As well since I am coaching 1/2 clinics I run consistently every week so not too concerned about that. I plan on coaching the next clinic - will go into February and then co-coaching the Vancouver clinic - but in a more secondary position or even maybe giving up the 1/2 and co-coaching the full not sure yet. I want to be able to do the group rides on Sundays starting March - so intermittant rides with the until May should be okay.... I won't teach the summer clinic.

Core - I am determined to really work on core stuff - I say this - let's see if I do it.

So that is the plan - now just to follow it - to help me I have started a log book to monitor what I eat/drink and what I do for activities - again I will really try and use it. No promises though oh and I came up with a great diddly - Ironman - sung to the Spiderman song - it is quite catching.

Right off to find out about spin classes.