Thursday, August 21, 2008

Off to Penticton

Only 2 more sleeps then off for the annual trip to Kelowna/Penticton to watch Ironman. I am so excited since not only do I have so many friends racing this year but.... Monday morning I will line up and pay my $550 US to participate next year. OMG - I am so excited and I am only registering!!!

Have been watching the weather network - my husband who is working again on the paramedic crews says they are saying 36 - that is crazy hot but the network says a more reasonalbe 27 which will feel like 31 - still very hot.

So good luck to my friends Flo, Catherine, Judith and internet/blog buddy Kerry (doing her first). I will cross my fingers, knees, toes, eyelashes and whatever else I can. Wishing you fast times, no flats and cool temperatures.


Monday, August 18, 2008

The heat of summer

I am currently coaching my 1/2 clinic - which seems to get larger every week... and training for my annual marathon. I like to do at least one full a year. I am struggling with this one though - mentally and a little physically.

The knee ankle thing from the half-iron man while getting better is still hanging on and it is more than a little frustrating. As well with June and Cory coaching the full marathon clinic they are obviously running with the full. Kirsten and Pam are coaching the 10km clinic and thus running with them. They are doing the add-on's afterwards but I am usually quite a bit ahead of them by that point so can't run with them. Carol is still injured so not training and well that leaves me, myself and I to do the add-on's and training on my own. I don't know what the big deal is I train by myself a lot being the only triathlete in the group it tends to happen and I have trained for 2 fulls pretty much on my own but this year I am struggling - wishing for the company I need to snap out of it.

Yesterday was just so hot and humid - I took my clinic out for their 14 (okay 16.5 km run) - the humidity was so bad that within minutes I was soaked and then when the cloud cover broke it was brutal the heat. I kept the group as much as I could in the trails but still. After I dropped them off and went out for the 13km add-on I was starting to feel the effects I grabbed my bottle and shoot it was empty - when did I drink it all? At about this time I ran into Cory and his group and was pleased to see I was at 19 but was concerned since I had no fluids - thus no electrolytes. I zipped down to 3rd Beach concession filled the bottle grabbed a few packs of salt and continued but by this point my legs were starting to cramp something fierce. I struggled for the next 5 km or so. When I got back to Beaver Lake at the 25km point I was in a bad place and thought F* this I am done - this is stupid and decided to call it a day back to the store. By the time I got back to the store I had done 27km - so I felt a little better but still bummed - I hate it when I quit - not acceptable what am I going to do during Ironman next year?

I knew it would be hot - should have brought extra electrolytes, probably should have not rode the day before and follow up the ride with a 2 hour hike with the dog in the afternoon.....dumb, dumb, dumb.

Ah well I got through it - doing 29 again next weekend so I can redeem myself then!