Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yeah Baby - that's what I'm talking about

2 posts in one day?!?!

I just had to post it though- I am sooooo pumped! As you know I have been riding up Cypress Mountain every Wednesday with my coach - it never seems to get easier but again I guess it is because she always pushes - it is what I pay her for....

Every Thursday is my brick day where I ride down to Stanley park (5 min from my office) and do a 2 - 10km loops that has Prospect point - a 1km hill about halfway - followed by a 20 min run. Total ride to park and back 22 - 23 km. At the start of the year I was doing my loops in around 23 - 24 minutes a loop. I had set a lofty goal of 20 minutes a loop. Today I DID IT!!! Well not 20 minutes exactly but 20:26 - OMG!!! It was so awesome.

I went out thinking I had a pretty hard ride last night I mean I had taken just over a minute off my climb time last night and it had hurt so - Barb pushed, cajoled and pushed some more last night - at one point I honestly thought I might get sick. So today I would just ride a steady pace - nothing crazy - do my loops and my run. At one point I was riding and a lady came up beside and passed me and I thought of my coach and thought NO! And dug down and started drafting her then when we rounded the point I passed her so that she was drafting me. As we got to the hill I thought about my cadence and letting the bike pull me up as my coach had talked about and I dropped her like a bad habit! It was a great feeling. And while it was a tough ride I was not dead at the end because my second loop was just as good. 21:30 this was with a 30+ sec break at the bottom to answer a call from the office and doing the whole loop in the big ring (trust me THAT was accidental) which would explain why it seemed quite a bit harder the second time...

I repeat hiring a cycling coach the BEST thing I have ever done. I guess now I have to find a new goal - dare I say 18 min a loop?!?!

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