Monday, March 10, 2008

Redemption is sweet!

So yesterday was the olympic tri. It was the first "race" I have done since last year's Iron Mountain and I was pretty anxious to say the least. For those that don't know just go to my first ever post and have a boo, For those that don't have the time here is the the cole's notes version is I did a half iron - did not go well - I completed but not in reg time - I got a DNF - my morale and belief in myself took a big hit.

Determined to put it to rest finally and prove to myself that it was just a bad day I registered for the Olympic to see how the training was going this time for the Oliver Half iron I registered for in June. I am very pleased with how yesterday went - a few more lessons learned to put in the bank and overall I think it well. Lesson 1 do NOT move heavy boxes the day before and pull a muscle in your shoulder - it will hurt and possibly affect your swim time.... Lesson 2- hiring a cycling coach - great idea!

So being a slower swimmer I was in the last heat for the olympic. However this allowed me to try and loosen my shoulder up for the swim - I could only hope that when I got in the water I would just "suck it up" and that it would just go numb after the first few hundred meters - which is what it did. It was funny to when we were waiting to get in line I was in the middle of a bunch of big guys - okay this is relative since I am only 5'2 but still they were big to me. So the testerone was flying. One guy said I better go in front of you because I am going to start really fast! I was like sure go ahead - and thinking that is right you go out of the gate fast and I will just pass you later on - which I did. Actually I had about 5 of them pass me in the first 100 metres and then I passed I think all but 2 of them by the end of the swim - Pacing boys - pacing....

So I got out of the water but of course I forgot to hit my timer so I don't know I am pretty sure I came out around 40 - 41 min which I am happy with considering the shoulder. It was a little frustrating because I came out of the water and started to run down the turf path to transition and they made me walk. GRRRR - it is a race people...

Transition one was a bit drawn out because after debating all week I decided I would do a full change. Normally I would just wear my bra under my bathing suit and pull my cycle/run shorts and top over or just swim in my cycle shorts but because of the time of year and chance of rain I decided I wanted to be dry going out on the bike. Thanks to the other lady that helped pull the back of my bra down. I then hightailed it to my bike. Got my shoes and helmet on quite fast and was gone.

Let me say again - if you are going to do tri's and go past the olympic distance hire a cycling coach. I know it has only been 3 weeks but the information I have gotten has been awesome. So I shot out standing up to build speed in my "big" ring and got down in the arrow bars and just had an awesome ride! No-one in my heat passed me - well not true one gentleman did but I passed him later on and never looked back. I also passed quite a few in my heat. Again forgot to hit start but am pretty sure I did the bike in 1:20 and change - not the 1:15 Barb said but I was pretty thrilled with it.

Transition 2 was a little frustrating I came in and was pumped and went to my spot and someone had put their bike in my spot - GRRRR - so had to find another spot and then go grab my shoes - nothing major but irritating none the less. Other than that I think I was only there for a 2 or 3 minutes - would have been faster if I had not had to shuffle stuff.

The run was AWESOME - I really do love running and the course was great. Lesson 3 - do not eat volunteers potato chips - you will get a tummy cramp. I have a weakness though and he had my favorite chips - what's a girl gonna do???? Run was an hour - should have been less but had to walk for a bit due to tummy cramp. But I made sure to thank all the volunteers and shake some of their hands. Without them the race would just not flow as well. It really is a thankless job. I handed off the rest of my jelly beans to a little kid near the finish and high fived some spectators just before the finish while yelling WOOOHOOOO. A classic finish if I may say so. I mean if you can't have a little fun what's the point?

So while they still don't have the final numbers up - I believe 3:10 - 3:15 will be my total time - not the 3 hours that Barb predicted (gulp) but still respectable in my books AND well within regulation time.

Finally - a very big thanks to all my gal pals and my hubby - Joe who came out and watched- it really made the day that much better- you gals are the best! Actually Joe raced and had a great race too - he is mucho faster than me but that just means there is ALWAYS someone at the finish line for me.

Bring on Oliver - I am pumped now!


Addendum - hot off the presses:

1 1/5 F4044 1598 O Michele COATES 2:57:37.5
2 2/5 F4044 2150 O Dianne WRIGHT 3:07:59.1
3 3/5 F4044 2183 O Shaunene NEILSON 3:12:19.6
4 4/5 F4044 1651 O Alex MATHISEN 3:28:54.1
5 5/5 F4044 2142 O Charlotte BRENNER 3:42:08.4

Hee Hee - 3rd in my age group!!!! (okay only out of 5 but still...) AND less than 3 minutes behind the hubby for total time - he did 3:09:38. YES!!!

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UberJeanie said...

That's awesome!! I've been swimming at the Y just gentle stuff, but I know I'll need to kick it up a notch. Need to sit down, maybe today, and plan out my bike and run training for the next three months of training. :-) I'd like to do the Diva Tri in July.