Monday, March 31, 2008

Coming up for air

to say the last 2 weeks have been hectic in my life would be a mild understatement. I am the classic overachiever Type A personality. Synopsis of the last 2 weeks - I am amazed I got any training in and did not have a nervous breakdown or get brutally sick. Even I have to admit I pushed the envelope a bit this time....

Besides working my regular full-time job I do transciption from home in the early am - 5am - 6:45am, I coach 1/2 marathon clinics on Thursday evenins and Sunday mornings, I have a 6 year old border collie that needs about 2 - 3 hours of walks/runs a day, and I am training for the Half Ironman in June. Pretty busy - most people go wow but wait I am not done yet.

I also believe that you should give back to your community - it is important so I do charity work for the Lions Society - specifically I am their volunteer coordinator for 3 of their events the largest one being the 24 Hour Relay for the kids which planning for is well underway. Not really a big thing. Pretty busy but not too bad.

Well we finally decided to buy our first home and moved in over the long weekend - I think we will be unpacking forever. Just when I think I have made a dent in the boxes I open another cupboard/closet to find a whole bunch more boxes. This would be alot to take on and I have been feeling a smidge maxed out. Plus Joe has been very sick with a viral chest infection so pretty much bed-ridden since the day we moved in.

Oh and did I forget to mention that I came up with the brilliant idea to plan a surprise birthday party for my mumsy's 60th?!?! Wait it gets better she lives in another city - so I was doing everything by phone and email. Drove up Saturday afternoon and party was Saturday night - drove home yesterday. You just gotta love a challenge.

So the party happened - she was surprised and loved it, husband is finally on the mend, and only about 20 boxes left to unpack and then it will be back to that laid back lifestyle of work, charity and training.

Off to the pool.



Kirsten said...

just another day in the're amazing chica.

UberJeanie said...

damn, woman. here i am taking a mental health day because i'm exhausted, can't sleep and just need a break. you go girl!