Monday, March 31, 2008

Coming up for air

to say the last 2 weeks have been hectic in my life would be a mild understatement. I am the classic overachiever Type A personality. Synopsis of the last 2 weeks - I am amazed I got any training in and did not have a nervous breakdown or get brutally sick. Even I have to admit I pushed the envelope a bit this time....

Besides working my regular full-time job I do transciption from home in the early am - 5am - 6:45am, I coach 1/2 marathon clinics on Thursday evenins and Sunday mornings, I have a 6 year old border collie that needs about 2 - 3 hours of walks/runs a day, and I am training for the Half Ironman in June. Pretty busy - most people go wow but wait I am not done yet.

I also believe that you should give back to your community - it is important so I do charity work for the Lions Society - specifically I am their volunteer coordinator for 3 of their events the largest one being the 24 Hour Relay for the kids which planning for is well underway. Not really a big thing. Pretty busy but not too bad.

Well we finally decided to buy our first home and moved in over the long weekend - I think we will be unpacking forever. Just when I think I have made a dent in the boxes I open another cupboard/closet to find a whole bunch more boxes. This would be alot to take on and I have been feeling a smidge maxed out. Plus Joe has been very sick with a viral chest infection so pretty much bed-ridden since the day we moved in.

Oh and did I forget to mention that I came up with the brilliant idea to plan a surprise birthday party for my mumsy's 60th?!?! Wait it gets better she lives in another city - so I was doing everything by phone and email. Drove up Saturday afternoon and party was Saturday night - drove home yesterday. You just gotta love a challenge.

So the party happened - she was surprised and loved it, husband is finally on the mend, and only about 20 boxes left to unpack and then it will be back to that laid back lifestyle of work, charity and training.

Off to the pool.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm the Queen of the mountain.

Okay maybe not the queen but pretty darn proud and feeling empowered after last night's workout out with Barb (cycle coach) and the gals in the group I ride with.

Last night we did our first - well my first, they have all been up there - ride up to Cypress Mountain. I was anxious all day - first I was anxious about riding up the darn mountain and then even more anxious when I realized that we were riding to the base which was up another very steep road.

Doubts abounded - would I be able to get up to the highway to get to Cypress? And then would I be able to get up Cypress without falling too far back? Then I started thinking about the downhill and got freaked about that to.

By the time I pulled up to our meeting spot - Cindy looked at me as I got out of the car and said smile it will be okay - you'll be fine. I sure hope so I said. The ladies were great in reassuring me I would be okay - they were like are you worried about the down - I was like I am worried about both!

Barb showed up and her husband and his "guys" showed up as well. Barb looked at my face and was like it is going to be okay - you will be fine. Then as we are riding to 13th she says to the group - you heard what Larry said right? Him and the guys want to try and catch us before we get to Cypress. I was like great! Now I have to worry about staying ahead a bunch of boys too?!?! (I know the competitive streak still kicks in even when I am freaking out).

The hardest part of the ride was from 15th to the Highway- 13th was pretty tough - or so I thought - until we got to 15th. Barb stayed with me a good portion of the ride and talked me through my form and cadence - it was great. I am happy to report that while I was not the first gal to Cypress, I was not the last AND I did get there before Larry and the boys - not by much but still got there.

Riding up Cypress is not too bad it is just loooooong - 3.5km I was told later - uphill. Again not the last up so I was pleased. We timed ourselves and I got up to the first lookout in 18 min and 37 sec!

The way down was very scary and I was the last one down but not too far behind the other ladies. Then we had to go down 15th and 13th and that was even scarier because my hands were so darn cold I could hardly pull my brakes. Note to self: NEOPRENE GLOVES not wool for next time. I got down though thanks to Judith for taking me under her wing - which seems appropriate as that is my mom's name to - she stayed with me all the way down 13th and back to the cars.

So now I just have to get brave on the downhill portion and I will be good as gold.

Cyrpress? How bad can it be? Easy peasy!


Friday, March 14, 2008

Post race hangover

The thing about racing is the after effects. I refer to it as the hangover after the party - you had such a great time but you need to recover now. The thing is that unlike a true hangover I have no embarrassing regrets - any pictures taken I will be proud to have shown and I am not saying "Never again - this is the last time!"

Keeping that in mind I just jumped back in taking Monday as a rest day and got back at it on Tuesday. The dilemma has been my right shoulder has been bothering me - so I have skipped all my swims - this morning I was going to go but did not thought after work but arm is still sore.

The other thing is the long bike - normally would do this on Saturday am and should be about 2 hrs 45 min but I am running a 5km race and then was planning on going out for some wobbly pops. Thought about doing the bike today but I did time trials on Wednesday and a brick yesterday - seems like a lot.... Could do the bike on Sunday but after running 16 km "ish" in the am - leg weights after that plus I suspect I might have a teensy hangover I am not inclined to throw in a 3 hour bike ride.

I thought I would just spin tonight for an hour but now I am feeling guilty - I don't want to start making excuses for cutting workouts - last year I did that all the time and well it showed on race day. Hmmm maybe I will either get up super early and do a few hours on the bike first thing in the am before the race tomorrow morn....

what to do what to do

Monday, March 10, 2008

Redemption is sweet!

So yesterday was the olympic tri. It was the first "race" I have done since last year's Iron Mountain and I was pretty anxious to say the least. For those that don't know just go to my first ever post and have a boo, For those that don't have the time here is the the cole's notes version is I did a half iron - did not go well - I completed but not in reg time - I got a DNF - my morale and belief in myself took a big hit.

Determined to put it to rest finally and prove to myself that it was just a bad day I registered for the Olympic to see how the training was going this time for the Oliver Half iron I registered for in June. I am very pleased with how yesterday went - a few more lessons learned to put in the bank and overall I think it well. Lesson 1 do NOT move heavy boxes the day before and pull a muscle in your shoulder - it will hurt and possibly affect your swim time.... Lesson 2- hiring a cycling coach - great idea!

So being a slower swimmer I was in the last heat for the olympic. However this allowed me to try and loosen my shoulder up for the swim - I could only hope that when I got in the water I would just "suck it up" and that it would just go numb after the first few hundred meters - which is what it did. It was funny to when we were waiting to get in line I was in the middle of a bunch of big guys - okay this is relative since I am only 5'2 but still they were big to me. So the testerone was flying. One guy said I better go in front of you because I am going to start really fast! I was like sure go ahead - and thinking that is right you go out of the gate fast and I will just pass you later on - which I did. Actually I had about 5 of them pass me in the first 100 metres and then I passed I think all but 2 of them by the end of the swim - Pacing boys - pacing....

So I got out of the water but of course I forgot to hit my timer so I don't know I am pretty sure I came out around 40 - 41 min which I am happy with considering the shoulder. It was a little frustrating because I came out of the water and started to run down the turf path to transition and they made me walk. GRRRR - it is a race people...

Transition one was a bit drawn out because after debating all week I decided I would do a full change. Normally I would just wear my bra under my bathing suit and pull my cycle/run shorts and top over or just swim in my cycle shorts but because of the time of year and chance of rain I decided I wanted to be dry going out on the bike. Thanks to the other lady that helped pull the back of my bra down. I then hightailed it to my bike. Got my shoes and helmet on quite fast and was gone.

Let me say again - if you are going to do tri's and go past the olympic distance hire a cycling coach. I know it has only been 3 weeks but the information I have gotten has been awesome. So I shot out standing up to build speed in my "big" ring and got down in the arrow bars and just had an awesome ride! No-one in my heat passed me - well not true one gentleman did but I passed him later on and never looked back. I also passed quite a few in my heat. Again forgot to hit start but am pretty sure I did the bike in 1:20 and change - not the 1:15 Barb said but I was pretty thrilled with it.

Transition 2 was a little frustrating I came in and was pumped and went to my spot and someone had put their bike in my spot - GRRRR - so had to find another spot and then go grab my shoes - nothing major but irritating none the less. Other than that I think I was only there for a 2 or 3 minutes - would have been faster if I had not had to shuffle stuff.

The run was AWESOME - I really do love running and the course was great. Lesson 3 - do not eat volunteers potato chips - you will get a tummy cramp. I have a weakness though and he had my favorite chips - what's a girl gonna do???? Run was an hour - should have been less but had to walk for a bit due to tummy cramp. But I made sure to thank all the volunteers and shake some of their hands. Without them the race would just not flow as well. It really is a thankless job. I handed off the rest of my jelly beans to a little kid near the finish and high fived some spectators just before the finish while yelling WOOOHOOOO. A classic finish if I may say so. I mean if you can't have a little fun what's the point?

So while they still don't have the final numbers up - I believe 3:10 - 3:15 will be my total time - not the 3 hours that Barb predicted (gulp) but still respectable in my books AND well within regulation time.

Finally - a very big thanks to all my gal pals and my hubby - Joe who came out and watched- it really made the day that much better- you gals are the best! Actually Joe raced and had a great race too - he is mucho faster than me but that just means there is ALWAYS someone at the finish line for me.

Bring on Oliver - I am pumped now!


Addendum - hot off the presses:

1 1/5 F4044 1598 O Michele COATES 2:57:37.5
2 2/5 F4044 2150 O Dianne WRIGHT 3:07:59.1
3 3/5 F4044 2183 O Shaunene NEILSON 3:12:19.6
4 4/5 F4044 1651 O Alex MATHISEN 3:28:54.1
5 5/5 F4044 2142 O Charlotte BRENNER 3:42:08.4

Hee Hee - 3rd in my age group!!!! (okay only out of 5 but still...) AND less than 3 minutes behind the hubby for total time - he did 3:09:38. YES!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

5 days - 21 hours, 54 minutes

That is the time I have until I get in the pool and start my swim at the Olympic Tri next weekend. Just got my swim time - 11:15am - so I will have to sit there and wait from 8am until then before I can get in the pool.

Joe's time is 9:15 because he is faster so he was like we'll just take 2 cars. Great so you can finish and go home - thanks for the support.... Oh and guess what I am PMS'ing (could you tell by the bitchiness of that statement??)

So I am just one big bundle of emotional anxiety. I am worse that a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Well that killed of 4 minutes now only 5 days, 21 hours and 50 minutes to wait....