Thursday, February 7, 2008

Being on Video

Last night I went an consulted with a swim coach who taped my stroke.

I know I have made lots of improvements in my stroke and felt like I turned a corner but the video shows I have a lot more work to do. I am seriously considering trying to find my swim teacher from when I was 7 and kicking them in the shin. I don't know what the hell kind of swimming they were teaching me but jeez after taking lessons all through my childhood I would expect to be a little better than I am.

So my kick needs to improve - my masters coach said it was looking good this guy said it was not so great... do not bend the knee. I actually pull water now but apparently my arm strokes are not quite there. He did say my breathing was good but I need to keep my face in the water.

Overall I think it was a very informative session that I hope I can take a lot from and apply to improve to ensure I am out of the water well before cut-off times instead of just scraping in there.


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Kirsten said...

well, at least the critique came with positives! and just think, the next time you get videotaped there will be yet more progress! i myself hate keeping my face in the water, it gives me the worst feeling of claustraphobia. ick.

go go super shaun! training to save the day!