Monday, January 7, 2008

One for Shaun - Zero for the *@!* Trainer

Excuse me while I gloat for a second.... Okay so for most serious triathletes riding on a trainer in the winter months is a given. I however HATE it and would rather shave my legs by individually plucking out each hair with tweezers than get on my bike on the trainer so I feel pretty darn proud that I did it.

Yep folks 1 hour and 30 minutes butt numbing agony. I will be honest I did get off at 1 hour 20 saying enough I can't do this but then I had a flash back to Iron Mountain and how much I hate that stupid friggin DNF and said NO and got back on the demon trainer and rode it for 11 minutes more just to prove I could.

Most of you will be like geez what a whinger but I don't care. However I have come to the conclusion I need a different seat if I want win the war not just this one battle. So off the the bike shop.

Feeling victorious



Kirsten said...

an hour and a half on a bike trainer /= whinger.

an hour and a half on a bike trainer = proof of dedication.

way to go! looking forward to seeing you kick some @$$ at oliver. :) :)

trail_monkey said...

I did a half hour on a spin bike trying to simulate 10k of 40k and I suck.

You are my "Her"o