Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm hit - woman down.

So after my last post and feeing all uppity that I was doing so great - bam!

They got me - I have been literally surrounded by cold and flu infested people for the better part of a month. I thought I might have dodged the bullet but a week ago today I woke up feeling a little wierd and thought hmmmm. So I dug out the COld Fx and decided I would take some just to be safe. By the end of the day my neck was killing me - but being the queen of denial I thought just tight muscles from swimming. Tuesday I got up and that ominous burning sensation in my nasal passages told me that I had been hit - so I immediately went on the acute Cold-FX treatment regime. I got through the day not feeling too bad but skipped both workouts still hoping that by doing that I would be good to go on Wednesday.

No such luck by Wednesday I felt and looked like death warmed over. I made it through a 1/2 day and that was it. In an effort to beat this thing quickly I made the drastic decision that I was going to stay home and in bed until I beat it - about half of the people I know that have gotten this have been down for 2 - 3 weeks. I just cannot afford to miss that much time from training. I left my bed house once before Sunday's clinic run and that was for the Thursday clinic night where I just did the talks - no workout and then went home.

It was painful but it paid off - I woke up yesterday good to go and had a great 18km run with the clinic. I did have to slow down my pace but I felt good and today I feel great. I only missed a week so I am happy about that. Tomorrow I will start up again but just to make sure I don't relapse I will shorten the distances/times for the next week.

I was so glad I did not miss yesterday's run because it was such an inspiring run. I have a lady in my clinic who is absolutely terrified of bridges and the route was to go over to the Northshore via Lions Gate Bridge. A gorgeous route that I was very exited about, I was not aware of her fear and had already sent out the route so it was too late to change it. She emailed me and asked for another option so I quickly came up with another route for her that would let her run with us for the first part before we crossed. Sunday she came up to me and said I am going to do it - I want to run with my group. I was like are you sure? She was like yes - I drove it yesterday and I am going to run it today - she sounded determined but I could see the fear in her eyes. I grabbed her group leader and gave her the scoop and asked her to run beside her and if necessary hold her hand. I was not with them for the initial pass over but on the way back I ran back to see how they were doing and decided to cross over with them. She owned it - not once did her stride falter! I was so proud of her and to see the look of total triumph in her face when we got to the other side was the best thing I have seen in awhile. Made the run that much better.

Ready to get back at er


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